Happy Birthday Bob

Happy Birthday Bob!

Singer Yvad, whose career started with the Marley family, salutes its most famous member with his new song Tribute………… http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Yvad-does-Marley-tribute_50901


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The Sojourner Album- Yvad (Available Now In All Digital Stores)

“The Sojourner” Album had its genesis in a chance meeting at the Bob Marley Museum after Yvad had finished performing. He had just returned to Jamaica after a long hiatus to promote his just completed second album “Justice” when he was introduced to Victor Simpson and the Nubeat Entertainment Family. Yvad never needed any persuasion to start his new Journey but thanks to the prodding of Lennie Chen, Dean Panton he started out slowly on this new project “The Sojourner”.
After countless hours in various studios; David Kennedy, Mixing Lab, Harmony House , Grafton and Bobby Digital and under the tutelage of the Maestros Clive Hunt, Wayne Armond and Michael “Myrie”Taylor the project is now fully completed this after Yvad’s frequent breaks while touring with the Wailers Band as lead Singer.
The album is a thirteen track walk along a musical corridor where the artists draws on the influence of Hip Hop (Cost Of Living), Dub (Hole In The Roof Top), Roots (Sojourner) and Alternative (Castle Of The Jungle), but also reminding his fans of his early acoustic roots.

Buy Now:

Buy at: http://www.nimbitmusic.com/thesojourneralbumyvad

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Tribute to Nelly Stharre and Ras Trevi Felix

I met Nelly Stharre in 2006 at Bob’s Cafe with a group that included Lennie Chen, who operated the Cafe then, where she came to air her music, meet and share with like musical minds. She sat militantly dressed, with her thoughts elegantly wrapped around her head as she prepared, without the usual fanfare, to partake of the herbal sacrament, pausing to acknowledge the presence of a bald head.

As heads bobbed amidst the smoke filled deck I heard her music for the first time and instantly recognized her pedigree, no hype, she was aiming for something far more lasting, something far more enriching.

And so I followed her career on the lesser travelled live music circuit in Kingston; Village Café, Red Bones, On The Roof, Wicki Wackie, Edna etc as she settled, and forged ahead carving out for herself a place on the locally male dominated reggae scene. Backed by a young group of musicians still attending Edna Manley School of the Visual Arts and who later became Raging Fyah, she stomped across the stage, an eclectic mix of zouk music and reggae and until, “Peace an Lo-ove” became my favorite, making inroads on Air Jamaica Jazz and Rebel Salute.

She did it mostly for the love of the music, encouraging us to press on, telling us to keep making good music, and stay positive always. She was the opening act for those shows we did in Ocho Rios at Island Village; Ray Darwin Yvad, Oba Simba, Raging Fyah, Conroy, Kyan, Stanpipe, Stream, BiJean…….

Nelly Stharre would use every opportunity to encourage us to visit Dominica, her beloved homeland and which she said was an extension of Jamaica’s natural beauty…, “same vibrations”. She spoke about the rich reggae heritage in Dominica; Boomshaka, Nasio.

After my break from the music I saw her at Blue Essence performing a delicious acoustic set and then just before she left when she stopped by my Office, to hail up “Brother Victor”. I remember the sadness in her eyes as she told me of her split from her “Kingman”. She sat quietly for a time, grieving silently before getting up to leave.
“We’ll keep in touch”, she said smiling…… and every time I see my son dancing to Moon Men, she’s kept that promise.
Walk Good Nelly…..Walk good Trevi…”Peace an Lo-ove It No Rain No More”

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Where Have All The Labels Gone?

Source: Where Have All The Labels Gone?

Listen Good Reggae

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Where Have All The Labels Gone?

Where have all the Labels gone?
The recent news of the split between Sean Paul and Atlantic again underscores one of the structural weaknesses of our music Industry, for apart from the Marley’s and their longstanding affiliation with Universal Music Group and Sean Paul up until the recent split, not many artists have any existing association with a major Label.

It should be the aim of every young musician to aim for this important gateway to markets and key Industry players worldwide. In recent times this has been one of the greatest setbacks to the growth of our music internationally, as the protracted absence of Major record labels impacts the music, the Artists and their overall development.

This wasn’t always the case however, as not long ago King Yellowman was signed with CBS, Shabba Ranks was with Epic, Shaggy had albums with Virgin and MCA, Bennie Man –Island/Polygram, Mad Cobra- Columbia, Beres Hammond -Electra, Dennis Brown – A & M and Freddie McGregor –Polydor, and there were others too who had some association with major Labels and/or their affiliates.

Today there are fewer labels around, mostly due to mergers in the Industry, but of those left they have all now retreated and our music industry without their input is like a rudderless ship.

No doubt there are other issues that have contributed, not least among them are the lack of business-like and professional approach of the Artists and their Managers, the misunderstanding created by the diverging short term/long term objectives of the Labels and the Artists, large entourages accompanying artists and the overall cost in doing business, Visa issues, a deteriorating product and a general failure to attract serious minded individuals with a deep interest (and a deep pocket) to the development of our music Industry.

The internet has also impacted their decisions but on the other hand it has given us the greatest opportunity to sell and market our music and musical brands. This is what we have to embrace, this independent era of access, which gives all music practitioners the chance to interact with the audience and to control not only their destiny, but their content, something which a major deal would not have always agreed to. The internet remains the most cost effective way of reaching a worldwide audience without a major budget and this the time to exploit it.

The Labels will be back, once we have re-evaluated our product to improve its rating; once we have established a framework of mutual respect, improve and expand the content. We need to get our legislators to pay more than lip service, to help us to grow and reap great rewards by offering the Music Industry the same levels of incentives and respect they offer all others.

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Outameni must rise again

Outameni must rise again.

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Outameni must rise again

In recent weeks we have all been consumed by the (mostly) angry sentiments of Jamaicans due to the Government’s purchase of The Outameni Attraction in Trelawny. The government has been lambasted, and rightly so for utilising (maybe once too often) NHT funds to complete the purchase/bailout.

But how many of us have ever been on this interactive history tour? I have, and I would recommend it to every Jamaican (home and abroad) as one of the finest educational experience/tools on the island. It was that good and all of us should fight to keep it alive! Sure I would want to see the financially strapped institution receive a lifeline, but a bailout with NHT funds, hell no! And let me explain.

What the business needed was good old common sense, not to mention good management! Why not invite officers from the Ministry of Education or the Minister himself to visit the attraction; the first thing that would have hit him would be that we should immediately incorporate this experience in our schools. Every Jamaican child, in every Public and Private school should be mandated to visit the Outameni Experience at least once as part of their curriculum, its our Story. Now with over 450,000 students enrolled in Primary and Secondary Schools alone across the Island and every child attending at least once with an average admission of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) the attraction would have netted over Two Hundred Million Dollars ($200,000,000.00) from this gentle act and from admissions alone! If we now include the revenues from Tourists and from Merchandising we would have been solvent in no time and without the cass, cass that now engulfs it. Clearly there was no need to awaken the ghosts of NHT, for every Jamaican is proud to see our History on display and Lennie Little-White should’ve started here.

So after the castgations are complete, let us accept that the Outameni experience needs not only to be saved, but to be expanded to encompass a Science Museum, a Reggae museum, and a 3D Theater amongst other things for which 18 acres would be more than sufficient. Government needs to put these plans in motion, engage and encourage the Private Sector to invest in this new venture, return the funds to the NHT, and save the attraction from this unnecessary caustic backlash.

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